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A software background built a 21st century network.

Sunset Digital is a next-generation fiber-optic services company based in Duffield, Virginia that provides broadband Internet, private data, fiber-optic TV, telephone to residents, businesses, medical facilities, banks, and other Internet service providers. Sunset also has a branch office in Kingsport Tennessee with additional offices planned for Danville, Virginia and Tazewell, Tennessee. Sunset Digital’s structure is an S-Corp and is owned equally by father and son team comprised of Paul and Ryan Elswick. Paul and Ryan have a team of incredibly talented people gleaned from a decade of doing original and exciting work where they are recreating an industry.

In 2003 Sunset entered the communications space via its sister company, CornerPost Software, a software development company with extensive computer networking experience. Through its software development background, Sunset saw that the future was in office computer networks with the ability to act as they do today, only GLOBALLY. Telephone and cable networks had been made backward compatible to carry data, and the limit of these systems was inevitable. So, with a clean slate, and no legacy networks to upgrade, Sunset has a fresh take on a century-old way of doing business.

Consumer demand for next-generation data services is quickly outstripping what telephone and cable companies can technologically and financially provide. A 21st century network is needed, as is the skill and know-how to help customers make the transition.

The telecommunications and cable industry itself is trapped with late 19th and mid-20th century technology. They are limited in their ability to provide high-capacity broadband, private data, and next generation entertainment services through a bottle-neck at the home and business, while simultaneously being starved for affordable bandwidth to feed to their customers. More and more devices are coming online, and more and more data is moving to the cloud.

Sunset Digital’s network is one of the first three fiber to the home/business projects in the nation, and the first of its kind to be run by a private for-profit business. It is the only project to continue to operate today as it was originally envisioned.

The process of building a 21st century network is based in Sunset’s software development history, and therefore utilizes Ethernet as its method of network transport. Early on, the Sunset team knew the transport must be expandable and extremely flexible – Ethernet was the obvious choice, as it was already the choice for homes and businesses where it was used for computer networks. Second, it had to be more than a passing fad – Ethernet also hit the mark here with globally recognized quality standards. Ethernet-based equipment is the future of communications today, and since it is based on the same standard, even Sunset’s oldest equipment is still compatible with the newest equipment on the network. This means that the network can grow organically without requiring expensive “forklift upgrades,” which results in less overhead.

Sunset’s business strategy involves a two-tier approach allowing them to scale with minimal additional capital expenditure and withstand pricing pressures as government attempts to push Internet connectivity to commodity pricing and expand Internet availability to all citizens.

Sunset operates in a sweet spot in the marketplace served by small and large cable and telephone companies. These companies have reduced technical capability, low bandwidth capacity, and frequently cannot afford to upgrade their network to their customers; customers who are starved for the high-quality bandwidth that Sunset provides.

Sunset is here to bring the power of fiber to the people. Dig it.

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