Private Data Services

Because your confidential data is worth it.

Connect Multiple Locations Together
Privately, Efficiently, Quickly.

Whether your offices are down the street or across the globe, whether it is a new network, or an upgrade, we can design the perfect network to suit your company’s needs.

Through Sunset’s carrier-class Ethernet network, we can create a private high speed connection between two or more locations anywhere in the world. Connections are highly scalable with bandwidths available from 100Gbps down to 5Mbps, and Sunset personnel monitor it for connectivity so if there’s ever trouble, you have one point of contact.

Save money and increase security by using a Virtual Private Local Area Network (VLAN) to centralize your Internet connection at one location for all your branches to use. Put your VPN to rest, and let us do the work!

Pricing is done by endpoint, so you can purchase a 100Mbps connection for company headquarters and a 50Mbps connection for two branch offices, and have a completely secure network between all three facilities.

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