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SunseTV Fiber Optic TV: Better than Satellite. Better than Cable. Better than everything else.

On SunseTV, every glorious detail will be available for you eyes to soak in. Watch shrapnel fly, watch lovers kiss, and count the blades of grass on the Golf Channel. You’ll see the difference. Fiber optic television capabilities far exceed any other service delivery method.

No delivery method compares with fiber optics in terms of quality, clarity, and reliability.  There is an undeniably higher picture quality, because Sunset is a 21st century network. Other providers compress picture and sound quality; Sunset doesn’t.

We offer more than 320 digital channels of entertainment and information, including available premium channels HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, Starz and Encore, and The Movie Channel.  Secondary audio programming (SAP) in Spanish is available on many channels, too.

SunseTV is available in a variety of entertainment bundled packages. For pricing and options for business, contact Sunset Sales by phone or email below.

Take control of your TV with Sunset’s DVR service! Available with any television package, this service allows you to pause live TV, record your favorite shows (or 2 of your favorite shows, simultaneously) so that you can watch on your schedule! With up to 500GB of storage, you can store hours of your favorite programming. Unleash your TV’s true potential!

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