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Sunset Begins Engineering Unserved Communities; Looks to County Boards of Supervisors and others for Recommendations

March 20, 2017

(Duffield, Va.) — Sunset Digital announced today that engineering
teams have begun to work up construction plans for communities that are currently unserved by broadband. The areas selected for these engineering plans will be provided by members of each county’s Board of Supervisors.

“This past week we witnessed significant engagement from the Cumberland Plateau Planning District Commission regarding our negotiations with them.  We have some very difficult issues left o resolve, but we believe we are on a path forward to resolve them in the next few days,” said Paul Elswick, Chief Executive Officer of Sunset.

“We really appreciate the feedback we have received from the Cumberland Plateau and now have a clear understanding of their issues and concerns,” said Ryan Elswick, Chief Operating Officer of Sunset.  “We believe together we can get this done in the next few days.” he added.

“Connecting unserved communities is a key component of our expansion plan,” said Paul Elswick, CEO of Sunset. “The local board members in these counties know their areas of need best, and with their help we will get a head start on our engineering starting this week.”

Sunset’s community outreach team members will be polling the Cumberland Plateau Planning District Commission, the Mount Rogers Planning District Commission, the LENOWISCO Planning District Commission, the Virginia Tobacco Region Revitalization Commission, and the members of the Boards of Supervisor for Tazewell, Russell, Buchanan, Dickenson, Washington, Smyth, Wythe, Lee, Wise, and Bland. The information and input those board members provide will help direct Sunset engineers on where to initially focus efforts to connect customers  starting this week.

“We don’t let the grass grow under our feet,” said Ryan Elswick, COO of Sunset. “The weather is starting to get nice and we’ll soon be in prime network construction season.”  “We have already been asked to examine the communities of Murphy Ridge, Frying Pan, Caney Ridge and Long Fork School, Thompson Valley, Home Creek and McClure, but we know this list will grow,” Elswick said.

Sunset network expansion methods balance areas of demand with areas of need by using their proprietary FiberTracTM system. FiberTracTM allows engineers to visualize construction opportunities by helping to make sure the maximum number of households are connected in a single build.  “We save a lot of time by finding all potential homes and businesses before we build,”  Elswick said. “The old adage ‘measure twice and cut once’ is not lost on us. It’s how we can afford to build to rural areas, and why so few others ever can.”

Sunset is formulating a 5-year plan to connect a minimum over 10,000 households in the Cumberland Plateau alone following the completion of the proposed purchase of the BVU Authority interests in OptiNet.  Sunset has previously said they plan to hire over 150 new team members over the next five years. Most of those hired will be field crew and installation crew personnel tasked with building new network connections.

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About Sunset Digital Communications, Inc.

Sunset Digital is a next-generation fiber-optic services company based in Duffield, Virginia that provides broadband Internet, private data, fiber-optic TV, telephone to residents, businesses, medical facilities, banks, and other Internet service providers. Sunset also has a branch offices in Kingsport and Tazewell, Tennessee.

Sunset Digital designs, constructs, and operates next-generation Fiber-to-the-Premises networks that provide private connectivity, Internet, and entertainment services to business, educational, and residential customers in Tennessee and Virginia. As a Tier II Gig-to-the-home Internet provider, Sunset also direct-peers with all major Internet content providers and hosts content servers locally for full and fast data availability. Sunset’s Converged Packet Optical network carries the majority of the regional bandwidth for carriers and retail customers alike, providing continuous scalability and high availability at a low cost.

In February, 2016 Sunset made an unsolicited offer to purchase the OptiNet Division of Bristol Virginia Utilities Authority (BVU). The offer has been approved by BVU’s Board of Directors. Final approval for the sale is pending.  For more information please visit


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