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In 2003 Sunset entered the communications space via its sister company, CornerPost Software, a software development company with extensive computer networking experience. Through its software development background, Sunset saw that the future was in computer networks much like the ones that offices have today, except that they would be global in nature. Telephone and cable networks had been retrofitted to carry data, and that the limit of these systems was inevitable. So with a clean slate, and no legacy networks to upgrade, Sunset has a fresh take on a century-old way of doing business.

Sunset came about through the efforts and dedication of Paul Elswick. Together with his son, Ryan Elswick, and a team of incredibly talented people gleaned from a decade of doing original and exciting work. They have worked tirelessly to create a carrier-class Ethernet network infrastructure that would provide broadband connectivity in the region, support local businesses and attract new ones—thus, improving the quality of life.

Sunset is a next-generation fiber-optic services company based in Duffield Virginia that provides broadband Internet, private data, IPTV, and Voice Service to residents, businesses, medical facilities, banks, and other Internet service providers. Sunset also has a branch office in Kingsport and Tazewell Tennessee.

Today, Sunset operates and continuously improves one of the most agile and capable fiber optic networks in the United States with more than 350 miles of fiber optic cable. Through Sunset owned and leased tributary networks, as well as through partnerships with other networks, broadband connectivity options are available throughout Virginia and Northeast Tennessee to virtually anywhere in the world. These connections attract new businesses to the region and provide lower overall costs for the Internet bandwidth that the region so desperately needs.

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